She’s Got Legs on Unravel Podcast

I had the pleasure to be interviewed for the (relatively) new fashion history podcast Unravel. Jasmine Helms and Dana Goodin, two graduates of our program, have been doing such a great job in going deep into different aspects of fashion history.  It’s really one of the best fashion podcasts out there, make sure you check it out! tNEsNaXy_400x400

I had a conversation with Jasmine and Dana on the book I co-authored, She’s Got Legs: A History of Hemlines and Fashion. In addition to highlighting some of the themes and topics covered in the book I also go into details about the process of co-authoring, sourcing the images, and the pains of writing! You can listen to it on soundcloud or iTunes. I hope you can find the time to listen and let me know what you think.

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