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March Treasure of The Month- André Studios

I am especially thrilled to introduce this month’s treasure, as I was one the many who worked on this wonderful project. This is a collaboration between the Picture Collection of The New York Public Library  and FIT’s Special Collections. It … Continue reading

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Simpsons Trousers: They’ll Ride Up With Wear

I grew up in Maine’s smallest city with no cable television and as such, my taste in entertainment as a wee lass was a bit strange. One of my favorite TV shows was Are You Being Served?, a comedy full … Continue reading

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Le Pouf: Fashion and Social Satire in the 1770s-1780s

By Landis Lee Today, in the twenty-first century, hairdressers cut, color, and style the hair, and have to keep up with the latest trends in order to keep their customers happy and looking fashionable.  The same holds true for late eighteenth century … Continue reading

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The Study of Dress in European Paintings- Lucas Cranach the Elder

For our class of History Through the Nineteenth Century we were asked to analyze dress in a chosen painting from the 1400s to the 1800s with the aim to determine if the painter could be considered a valuable source for the study … Continue reading

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1900-1910: The Reign of The Lingerie Dress

In the book, The Perfect Lady, Willet C. Cunnington describes the period from 1900 to 1910 as the “reign of lingerie,” and indeed fashion magazines in these years, and especially in summer months, show many examples and variations of the so-called … Continue reading

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Vogue Digital Archives

  I just found out that Vogue Digital Archive is available for FREE in any NYPL location. This is good news, at least for us New Yorkers, as subscription to the new archives, covering each and every issue from the past 120 years, … Continue reading

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The Oldest Book

You probably guessed by now that we, at On Pins and Needles, are big fans of Special Collections and FIT Archives. What is housed on the shelves of this department is a dream come true for every fashion scholar and researcher. … Continue reading

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