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Fashionista Friday: Marquise de Miramon

At the Getty Center in Los Angeles hangs this painting by Jacques Tissot.  The subject, Thérèse-Stephanie-Sophie Feuillant, the Marquise de Miramon (1836-1912) is painted in a pink velvet ruffled dressing gown.  The Getty’s records for this painting are remarkably complete, … Continue reading

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Exhibition: Dressed to Play: Sporting Clothes, 1870-1900

Dressed to Play: Sporting Clothes, 1870-1900 August 7 – October 24, 2011 The Alice Austen House Museum – Staten Island, NY The exhibition was curated by Jessica Barber and Audrey Chaney, both recent graduates from the M.A. Fashion and Textile … Continue reading

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‘Undressing the Fashionable Myth’ Symposium

Stripped to the Bone: Myths About Corsetry By Jessica Barber The pursuit of ideal beauty in any given culture has historically involved some modification of the human body. The practice of manipulating flesh for the sake of beauty spans the … Continue reading

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‘Undressing the Fashionable Myth’ Symposium

The Greek Myths of Fashion: From Antiquity to the Present Cassidy Percoco Ancient Greek costume has also been an inspiration for fashion since the Renaissance.  Most of the information that we have on the costume of the Ancient Greeks is … Continue reading

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