My Experience at Special Collections- part I

This three part post documents the experiences of three students in their first internship at Special Collections and FIT archives.  The mission statement of the Special Collections is to acquire, preserve and provide access to wide range of primary materials in their original formats, including archives, scrapbooks, oral histories, fashion sketches, illustrations, books, journals and other items.

The Work and Life of Fashion Photographer Rose Hartman

By Anna Yanofsky

You know that picture of Bianca Jagger on a white horse trotting into Studio 54 for her little 70s birthday soiree? Today I spent the better part of the afternoon talking to its creator, New York nightlife and fashion photographer Rose Hartman, all about it. Rose is gifting her entire archives to Special Collections, and as part of my internship with SPARC I’ve been entrusted to make sure that this phenomenal woman’s life’s work is preserved and available for research. I also get the amazing opportunity to create an oral history with Rose. Over the next few months I’ll be going through photos with her while a tape recorder grabs her every word about what it was like to be backstage at Halston, on the dance floor feet from Andy Warhol, and in the atelier with Betsy Johnson. The oral history and Rose’s photographs will be part of an exhibition on the FIT campus that I will also be involved in planning. I’m thrilled to be entrusted with such a dynamic project as such a novice. It’s an incredible opportunity for learning a myriad of collections management, organization, and exhibit skills. On a side (but significant) note, Rose’s photo was a background on my phone the day I sat down to interview with Karen and my dad used to run drinks at Studio 54–I think this project was mine even before it existed!
Bianca Jagger celebrating her birthday at Studio 54 in 1977 (Photo by Rose Hartman)

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3 Responses to My Experience at Special Collections- part I

  1. Sarah says:

    sounds like a perfect thesis topic to me! can’t wait to hear more about her!

  2. rose Hartman says:

    Wonderful article! thank you.
    I am so happy that U r involved with transferring my archives to F.I.T. as well as working
    on a retrospective of my work on campus.
    Rose Hartman

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