Job Op: Paid Internship

Haute couture and expensive ready-to-wear expert Claire Shaeffer is looking for an intern. She is located in Palm Springs, CA and have a home office. She has a collection of 1500+ garments and about 5000 books. She writes books and magazine articles, designs 2 patterns a year for Vogue,  makes dvds for Threads, and teaches 2 couture workshops ea. year (in Palm Springs).

Among other things the intern will be responsible for the following:

Accession garments and books. Each garment is photographed front, back, and label; then listed in an Access file with a short description. A ppt page is printed and hung with the garment; a second page is put into a notebook.

Make samples for articles. Ms. Shaeffer writes regularly for Threads and Vogue Pattern Mag. As well as Au Stitches. For many articles, she needs help with taking the photos and photoshop as needed.

Revise books—the current revision is Sewing for the Apparel Industry.

File—Ms. Shaeffer has 3 diff. files for Designers, Sewing Techniques, and Fabrics so there is often filing. All need major reviewing to discard duplicates and old stuff.

Alterations and mending—what ever needs to be done to the clothes and the collection.

Sew and take notes for the first sample for  Vogue Patterns.

For the workshops, Ms. Shaeffer furnish all fabrics and supplies. The intern will assist with making some samples beforehand and organizing“kits” for students as well as a small store of hard-to-find tools and supplies. The intern will also Respond to request for info about workshops and keep up with the number of students.

For the dvd or photo shoots, select and prepare garments for photos (steaming and dressing mannequin or dress forms), and make samples. The focus of the dvd in Sept. is Tailoring Details. It will have a short book to go with it.

In addition Ms. Shaeffer would like the intern to assist with organizing her Facebook page and setting up a website; She is also planning to write a book on the Chanel jacket.

The length of the internship can range from a month to a year. Some months are better than others and don’t necessarily begin on the 1st. Ms. Shaeffer pays $8/hr. and the intern would work about 40 hrs./wk. If you are interested, please send her your resume as well as two personal references.

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