Why should we go on consuming the past?

In the January issue of Vanity Fair, novelist and journalist Kurt Anderson points to the curios standstill of popular culture in the past twenty years. This is a mind-blowing article that should be read and considered by those who create our culture (musicians, designers, film makers, etc), as well as by those who observe them (us, culture historians).

The phenomena he describes is a big part of why making my Then & Now posts has been quite easy, and although I always try to find the most creative interpretations  and influences, I must admit that since I started to make these posts I realize how little newness is out there. As I tend to look at fashion through two seemingly opposing lenses- being both a fashion designer and studying to become a fashion historian- I find Anderson’s article disturbing, yet fascinating. It’s like watching someone picking its own open wound- you want to look away, but you just can’t.

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1 Response to Why should we go on consuming the past?

  1. Pauline Kelly says:

    Thanks for linking this article. How wonderful to read something that we have been discussing and also enquiring about the future. Like you said, it is disturbing but so true. I am at an age that I can remember the 70s and the cultural differences while the last two decades have been dull and just rehashes and copies of the past and the so called new. Please keep posting these articles.

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