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Here are some links to some new and interesting websites and blogs:

First is a new Tumblr called Grrrl Style Now. It was created by Michelle Pronovost, from our program. While researching the Riot Girrrl style she accumulated wonderful images which she shares here.

Kathleen Hanna. Source not available.

Another wonderful source for primary material,  is the Lively Morgue , the New York Times’ new Tumblr.  Every day they post a few photographs out of the 10 Million they have in their archive. In some cases they also show the reverse side of the photograph so viewers can experience the picture in context, find out when it was used, how many times in was used, and read comments by the photographer.

March 1940, Sarasota, Fla. the New York Times

The back of the above picture, as seen in the New York Times blog The Lively Morgue

The Museum of the City of New York has an online exhibition, titled Worth & Mainbocher. It includes 119 dresses from the museum’s costume and textile collection, designed by these two genius designers.  I personally found the interface to we quite annoying, but once you get over that you’ll find that This online exhibition really does what a good exhibition should- educate the viewer. Each photograph comes with full description, alternative views, and detailed background for each designer and each collection. Anyone who loves fashion and appreciates fashion’s great masters is sure to enjoy this.

Evening Dress, Bolero and "Glamour" Belt. Mainbocher, Spring-Summer 1944. The Museum of the City of New York.

Evening Dress, House of Worth, 1908. Museum of the city of New York.



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