Mystery Monday

A is for answer and Q is for question:

mmThis is a page from a frequently referenced historical work. Within it, the author describes the origins of silk in a mysterious and distant land.

Who authored this text?
To what land and people group does he attribute the secrets of silk production? 

Do you know the answer? Submit your guess below; we’ll tell you all about this mystery on Thursday!

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2 Responses to Mystery Monday

  1. kazbooboo says:

    Great Mystery Monday!
    The book is the famous encyclopedia “Naturalis Historia ” that was written by Pliny the Elder, a roman philosopher in the 70’s ( AD) . In this book he wrote about the “Seres” – people of the “land where silk comes from. The Seares lived in south east Asia in a country named Serica.
    Very interesting Thanks!

  2. Laura Peluso says:

    Thanks, kazbooboo! 🙂

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