Mystery Monday

The end of the semester has arrived, allowing us to trade our thinking caps for party hats without any sense of guilt or irresponsibility!

Those of us who celebrate Chanukah
have already traded our microscopes for the menorah,
and sleepless nights for The Festival of Lights. But for some of us….

It’s the week before Christmas and all through the Goodman Center,
we have traded textile analysis for tinsel,
erudition for egg nog,
supplementary readings for sacred hymns,
thread count for gingerbread,
time logs for Yule logs,
and PowerPoint for that perfect party dress.

With presentations applauded and final papers printed and submitted,
We’ve traded frantic evenings typing on our Macs
for midnight snacks of cookies and milk;
we’re now discussing the past and presents instead of fragments of silk.
We traded SharePoint for evenings shared with family and friends,
and readings of Emery, Watson, and Hollander
for poems citing Prancer, Dancer and Donder.

In the spirit of celebration, here is the latest mystery:


From what publication is this clever illustration?
Who designed the featured dress?

Do you know the answer? Submit your guess below; we’ll tell you all about this illustration on Thursday!

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