Mystery Monday

Interested in hair styling? This mystery is for you:

What is the name of this elaborate updo? What does it signify?

Add your guesses below. We’ll provide the answer on Thursday!

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5 Responses to Mystery Monday

  1. kazabooboo says:

    This is a picture of a Hopi woman fixing the hair of a young girl from the tribe who is about to get married

  2. Laura Peluso says:

    Great guess! Do you know the name of the hairstyle?

  3. kazabooboo says:

    I think it calls squash blossom and it was the inspiration for Bjork hair style that appears on the cover of Homogenic

  4. Laura Peluso says:

    We’ll be posting more images and photos on Thursday. I love that you observed the similarity between this hairstyle and Bjork’s fabulous hair! Isn’t she fantastic?

  5. It also reminds me of Princess Leia’s hairdo

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